"Don't put your carefully built models on the line, and use the advantages!"

Short description

A yellow colored rope, about 25 m in length and has a 2,8 mm diameter. The Standard rod is 150 cm long and white. On the towing end, a spliced and shrunken plastic-coated steel loop is embedded. The glider's end is completed using the same loop, with an exchange loop added.

  • the vectro connector can be used to quickly fasten and secure the rope
  • with a high quality, beautifully designed cable reel made ​​of UV resistant black plastic
  • the rod prevents the folding/hooking into the rudder fin during towing
  • it elegantly slides off the back of the model after decoupling
  • the steel loop is durable and rigid and can be attached quickly
  • the complete rope is made without interfering and easy snapping knots!

Intended use

The towing ropes are applicable for all possible tow planes as the strength is more than sufficient for heavy planes. The rear exchange loop serves as a breaking point and should be varied according to glider and built-in coupling.

For gliders and their towers, it serves best as a gift for fly-friends or model plane clubs.

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Transport, instructions, versions and price

To decrease transport costs, I've split the rod in half and equipped it with a 2 cm sleeve. It's easy to reattach both parts and who would like to, can permanently fasten it using small screws or glue. The division is not intended as a permanent parting line, please always keep it plugged together!


€22,00 + Shipping


€30,00 + Shipping
With Kevlar

The professional towing rope has an extra kevlar cover on the back end. The cover provides extra stability, resistance and tear strength at a low weight. It is a very soft, special, flexible braided jacket which is perfectly suited to protect the sensitive tail components under extreme towing conditions.

Important! The kevlar cover should be positioned where the rod can physically touch the model. Please verify the dimensions before purchase.





22,00 (Towing rope(s)) + €7,00 (Shipping) = €29,00

Contact & payment methods

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Ulf Reichmann

I can only accept payments in advance through a bank transfer or PayPal (see right hand side).


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